Social Innovation

We work with social innovation on many different levels – we run an Incubation Center, we franchise voluntary initiatives and we test new models of funding.

Social Impact Bonds – Payment by Result

This business model creates opportunities for new ways of cooperation, development and funding of social projects.

Social Impact Bonds is a model, where the public sector, private investors and third parties, e.g. NGO’s cooperate to solve social challenges, which the public sector cannot invest in alone.

At Fonden for Socialt Ansvar we test and implement a model, Payment by Result, where private investors take on the economic risk while the government department, e.g. a municipality, pays for the results.

The Incubation Centre - from idea to sustainable concept

If you have a brilliant idea for a social initiative, you can join our Incubation Centre and your idea will be reviewed.

Fonden for Socialt Ansvar wish to support innovation and new development within the field of voluntary social organisations, and we want to work towards creating more sustainable social initiatives through a structured and professional course, that builds on our experience and knowledge. We want to develop some of the best ideas, organise them and develop franchise-like concepts that are scalable and can be documented for having a positive effect on society.

Fonden for Socialt Ansvar has developed a course in our Incubation Centre, that visionary voluntary social initiatives can attend, if they need help to qualify and develop their concepts. The Incubation Centre aims to create fully fledged and sustainable social initiatives, that have the potential to becoming nation-wide and help vulnerable or exposed target groups.


Many of our initiatives are run like “franchise-like” concepts. This is a new way of thinking, when it comes to voluntary social initiatives. The conceptualisation of our initiatives has made a big difference for us, as an organisations, as we have transformed from being a project-organisation to an operating-organisation. This means that we replicate across sectors and focus on the initiatives, where we can document a positive effect.

The franchise-model is paramount when it comes to evaluation and documentation. Almost all our initiatives are present nation-wide and are run same way everywhere.

Because of this, it is possible to measure the effect accurately across all locations and the volunteers know exactly what they sign up for – no matter where in the country they live.

The franchise-concepts consists of a free “starter kit”, that is made available to those who wish to start the initiative in their city or neighbourhood. The purpose is to make it as easy as possible to start new groups and to develop and embed them. The starter kits include a description of the concept; a script of how to start and root an initiative, initial training of the volunteers, a guide to founding and running an association or a network, ongoing knowledge sharing and networking sessions, logos and support and counselling from Fonden for Socialt Ansvar.