Network for Social Responsibility

The Foundation for Social Responsibility  runs Network for Social Responsibility. The network consists of more than 60 small and medium sized organisations within the field of voluntary social work.

The purpose is to ensure that voluntary social organisations work closely together and thereby have a more significant platform when approaching and influencing both politicians, the public sector and the private sector.
The Network for Social Responsibility consist of leaders of the organisations, and together we work towards creating a sustainable voluntary social sector through cooperation across organisations.
The members of the network have many themes in common, and it is a great advantage to stand together in a sector characterized by uncertainty, especially regarding funding and interests.

What do we do in the network?

  • We create value by using the network as a professional sounding board
  • We address, debate and solve common challenges
  • We target and coordinate our approach to and communication with politicians and the public sector
  • We offer knowledge sharing and inspiration in a confidential forum
  • We create the opportunity for joint innovation
  • We offer the opportunity to work in-depth with relevant themes within our sector