Our Initiatives

Fonden for Socialt Ansvar is an umbrella organization and we have five different initiatives. The initiatives have specific solutions to some of the social problems in our society.


baba strengthens fathers' roles in their children’s lives.

baba teaches ethnic minority fathers to use their resources to become good, active role models for their children and active participants in their local communities. Active and present fathers reduce the risk of radicalization and crime and increases the children’s' physical and mental health and the chance of the children getting an education.

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The Neighbourhood Mothers

The Neighbourhood Mothers bring hope and change into the life of other women.

The Neighbourhood Mothers are primarily women with an ethnic minority background, who do a voluntary effort in their local area by supporting isolated and vulnerable women. The Neighbourhood Mothers listen, convey important information and build bridges between women and the areas they live in. This help gives the women strength, so they can help themselves, their children and their families.

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The Family Entrepreneurs

The Family Entrepreneurs is an early, preventive initiative for all first-time parents. The purpose is to strengthen parenthood through a transversal and family-oriented focus. First-time parents are given both useful skills through the dialogue-based course and a network of other first time parents. All this strengthens the family's cohesion, and enhance the child's linguistic, motile and personal development.

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LifeMap help young people that are not thriving. The purpose of the app LifeMap is to help and guide high school students, when they experience challenges in their lives. In LifeMap high school students tell their personal stories about the challenges they have experienced and how they got help. Furthermore, the app guides students to where they can find professional help.

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The Night Owls

The Night Owls are present in the nightlife and create security and safety for young people who for some reason need a friendly and responsible adult. The Night Owls' presence prevents vandalism, violence and crime.

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